When I try logging into a Windows Server via Remote Desktop (RDP), I get prompted by the regular certificate warning. But then when I go and connect, it immediately gets Disconnected and I get the following Error Message "No License Server was Available".

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The quick and dirty to bypass this if you have access via a HyperVisor console was to run the following 2 commands in a PowerShell or CMD window on the Domain Controller. This allows the normal 2 concurrent user RDP sessions to the Server.

dism /ONLINE /Disable-feature /FeatureName:Remote-Desktop-Services
dism /ONLINE /Disable-feature /FeatureName:Licensing

If you do not have access to any Admin Session you can get access via a local computer with the following commands

mstsc /v:<Server>[:<Port>] /admin

The solution is documented in Depth in the Microsoft Article


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