I already have a reverse proxy setup for HTTP, and im now looking to add ssh and ftp to it.

i assume i can just copy the rules from the http list?

how do i go about forwarding the requests? id like to have ftp on port 1235 and ssh on 1236


You talking about the same SSH as I use? Secure SHell?

AFAIK: nothing to "proxy", no HTTP connections.. impossible.

If you EVER get that working, defo email me or something, cause damn!

This page describes how to reverse proxy FTP: https://calomel.org/ftp_proxy.html


Secure Shell does not use HTTP as a transport. You won't be able to "proxy" them with Apache/Squid in the traditional sense.


I 'm not sure that I understand what you ask , but have you tried -R or -D ?

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