At work, we're trying to determine the effectiveness of domain collapsing for SEO purposes. Our current structure is to have multiple web apps served from different servers, such as

PUBLIC URLS - directly accessed by users

I'm proposing to put an Apache proxy in front of these applications that will mask the different domains and route the requests to proper server

PUBLIC URL--------routed/forwarded to-----PRIVATE URL
www.somecompany.com/webapp1   <----->  www1.somecompany.com/webapp1
www.somecompany.com/webapp2   <----->  www2.somecompany.com/webapp2
www.somecompany.com/webapp3   <----->  www3.somecompany.com/webapp3

In terms of SEO/page rank value, does this help?


The page rank value of each /webappN can be different, so you could just as well use subdomains and properly route each app to its own server via A records, without the need for proxying.

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