I have a batch file which stops a service and deletes a file from d:\ drive. I want to execute this on 20 servers. Is there a quicker way than manually logging on each server, copying and running batch file?


You could try using PsExec. If the batch file is present in all machines at same location, then you could mention the list of machines in a text file and give it as an argument to this.Something like,

psexec @<machines_list_file> <location to batch file on remote machines>

If you dont have it on remote machine, you need to copy the batch file and then execute it using,

psexec @<machines_list_file> -c <location to batch file in current machine>

May I suggest writing a single local script that:

  1. Uses net start/start \server to start/stop service remotely.
  2. Deletes a file on \\server\d$\...

You can iterate over a list of server names and run those 2 commands.


You could use psexec from sysinternals http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553.aspx

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