I'm not 100% sure how to phrase this: While installing Win 2008 the screen asked me where to install the OS (I only have 1 hard drive) It said: 2 GB was partioned for the OS and 160 GB were remainining. I wanted to create a fresh partition just for the OS So I added a new one with 10 GB and continued.

However now its looks like I only have a single 10 GB hard drive. Other than re-installing the OS again, how can I get the other 150 GB to appear as another disk drive?

alt text



If you want the rest of the space as a seperate drive, then:

  1. Right-Click 'My Computer'
  2. Select 'Manage'
  3. Navigate to 'Disk Management'
  4. Locate the free space and right-click
  5. Select 'New Partition'

On the other hand if you want the slack space as part of your C: drive, right-click the existing C: partition and select 'Expand'.

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