if for example i have a word document open on a winxp machine via a samba connection, then what command at linux level can i use to find what processes have the file open, so i can kill them, also how can i kill a specific samba user. In my example if i do lsof|grep , then kill the processes that contain the file name, it looks like linux does not think the file is open, but at the windows machine i do not lose connection to the samba connection, so the windows machine thinks all is ok, so if i copied the file in question from a different machine to the server, then the orginal windows machine does a save, it would wipe out my copy, how from the linux machine can i kill the samba process for that user so they can not save that file that they have opened that i closed at linux level.


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You can use smbstatus to list out the processes:

$ smbstatus -p

Samba version 3.0.33-0.18.el4_8.1
PID     Username      Group         Machine                        
 9672   george        george        gb           (
14452   andrew        andrew        dev          (
17282   bob           bob           abcde        (

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