As the title says, I have and love my Ubuntu 9.10 desktop (use it for programming). Just got a Macbook Pro (Snow Leopard) and stuff like Documents, etc, trying to figure out easiest way to share my Ubuntu desktop with my Macbook Pro.

Should I use Samba or NFS and is it easy to configure one (or something else) for only in network access (192.168.1.x).

It took me about 2 days to find/setup Macfuse and Macfusion for sshfs to the Fedora web server and I'm hoping there's something much easier for this in network access. But if it requires or is suggested I go ssh, I can do that.

Are there any security problems with either Samba or NFS - don't know much about AFP-Apple protocol so I've not brought it up.

Thanks in advance.


NFS with Keberos is very secure, but setting up Kerberos is quite a big deal and without Kerberos it can be very insecure.

Samba on Ubuntu is very easy to setup and pretty secure out of the box - see this how to.
Host based security should secure it to your LAN - see that page also for other security info.

  • Agree completely regarding NFS. Whatever none Kerberos NFS actually is a problem or not of course depends on what other computers there are on the internal network. – andol Mar 3 '10 at 6:03

If you don't already have Samba up and running, and you only want access to the files from your Mac, I'd recommend setting up netatalk on your Ubuntu machine. Google points to this tutorial.

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