I am getting the following message while trying to remove a windows service with SC command?

C:\Users\chacha>sc delete service_name
[SC] OpenService FAILED 5:

Access is denied.

I tried to change the properties of Service and retried to remove them but failed. Even I disabled the service and restarted the machine :(

Any idea on forcefully removing a service? What is the reason for this "Locking"?


Try deleting it's entry from regedit at:


Make sure you reboot afterwards.


  • Try removing the service while in safe mode.
  • Regedit doesn't let me remove TrustedInstaller key. – Saeed Neamati Aug 28 '18 at 12:05

You could try using Sysinternals Autoruns program to disable or delete the service.


Did you do that from an elevated command prompt?


That's because you need admin rights.

Before opening cmd.exe right click it and select "Run as administrator". Also you can hold CONTROL+SHIFT and press ENTER to open it with admin rights.

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