I have a Server Running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition With SQL 2005. There is no problems with the server in its day to day functions but i am getting a Warning in the Event Log every 5 minutes with the following:

Windows System Resource Manager encountered the following error 0x80010117. User Name will not be logged in the subsequent event logs.

Error 0x80010117

User Action Address the error condition, and then try again.

This has been happening for over 2 weeks now and i cannot find anything online to help!

If i could have some help, then it would much appreciated.



0x80010117 means:

RPC_E_CALL_COMPLETE Call context cannot be accessed after call completed.

Not that it helps!

Are you using WSRM? It may not be properly configured. If your not using it then remove the Feature from Server Manager.

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  • Yep, take it out unless you need it. – Mitch Nov 22 '11 at 1:41

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