when i do "route print" on my machine, it shows my default gateway as

but when i do tracert www.google.com, the first machine it reaches is The route command does not show any entry for

So, why tracert is showing

my maching is on Windows XP.

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    Can you send the output of ipconfig /all tracert www.google.com route print J – James Mar 7 '10 at 20:49

If your gateway is Multihomed it might have several IPs assigned to it but traceroute will only show one. The one shown doesn't have to be the one you're using as your default GW. You would find this kind of setup on corporate networks mostly, not so much with home routers.


If the IP of the gateway has recently changed, you may have stale arp cache. Validate that you do not have the 150.2 IP associated with the hardware address of your gateway. Your arp cache can be inspected with:

arp -a

or cleared with:

arp -d *

Is the condition you describe in your questions currently causing a problem for you or just a curiosity? If a problem, can you provide specifics for what you're trying to accomplish?

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