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Can you help me with my capacity planning?

Is there a limit for creating Sites in IIS. i have searched and some forums have it in discussion which says there is no limit. Someone mentioned that he has created upto 100,000 sites in IIS 6 but i dont know his server specs though.

Personally i feel that whatever the limit of IIS, the resources will be run out well before the limit reaches.

how do big sites like blogger and wordpress handle a huge number of sites on their server.


1) Is there an upper limit for IIS 6.0? if yes then what is it

2) What should be a good number of requests IIS should serve for a decent server? (I am not talking about dynamic requests on server or logs.)

3) Is there a way I can do the test run on my cloud to test the capability of my server. what factors should i keep in view. db request, page size, disk read/writes etc ? Response shall be highly appreciated.


There's no sane limit to the number of sites, though Microsoft doesn't say the conclusion seems to be as many as the hardware can handle. (Side Note: IIS7 can handle 100,000+)

  1. Your concern should be on the hardware/bandwidth, you're doing to reach limits there way before IIS6 stops you from expanding.
  2. Define "decent server", that's a pretty broad term, there are $2,000 servers and $200,000 servers, there are webfarms as well. How many requests? It's highly variable, it depends how lightweight your code is, how many database connections per page, etc, etc....there are a lot of factors.