I've a windows machine in which a linux server is run by a "VMWare player". From the windows machine, I want some folders to be mounted on the Linux virtual server. All this is done in a maven build (which is quite irrevelant here, in fact). From what I understand, to make these windows folders available as mountable ones, I have to do the following operations

  1. Share the folders as Samba ones using net share, this I have done.
  2. Access my virtual server and check which folders are already mounted (which seems to be doable using a less /etc/fstab), this I'll do soon
  3. Mount my samba shares using smbmount

All that seems to my by far too hackish code. Could the same be done using ... say ... JMX/SNMP or any other high-level technology ?


Once you will have added your samba shares to be mounted at boot (using the declaration in /etc/fstab), there won't be anything to do each time you launch the VM to access the shared drives. How is that hackish? It's configuration and set up :)

You'll spend way more time and energy trying to run around a more convenient way to set it up imo.

  • Using 'net share' and properly configuring 'fstab' is high level and is the most maintainable way of completing this task. It's not 'hackish' at all. Welcome to network administration 101. – Chris S Mar 8 '10 at 13:40

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