I've configured Google apps (Google services) to my domain for access mails some thing like mail.mysite.com. I've configured successfully all the accounts include admin and users also.

But here the surprising thing is I cant able to receive any mails when i sent mails to admin@mysite.com. But I can able to send mails from the same account (admin@mysite.com)to any other email ids.

Anybody knows the reason? I'm working on the same thing from the week.

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Contacting google's staff would be a smarter idea.


Check to see if:

  1. You are forwarding mail to admin@mysite.com to someone else. You may have done this while you were setting up.

  2. You have a filter rule that does something with mail sent to admin@mysite.com

There is an option in Google Apps mail that lets you direct mail addressed to a nonexistent user to a catchall address. Try setting that up to see if mail to admin@mysite.com is being redirected for some reason.

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