Server was moved and domain contraller not available any more. Is it a way to disjoin Domain on Win 2008 R2 Core Installation Hyper-V?


Is the server a Domain Controller? If not, I believe you can just put the server in workgroup mode and delete the computer account from the domain. Someone correct me if I'm missing something here.

  • Yep, switch it to a workgroup (might have to use the force option). Then delete the account from the domain. – Chris S Mar 9 '10 at 18:41

You should of course be aware of the excellent core utilities which makes all this a bit simpler for us command line impaired.




I was dealing with this exact issue when trying to disconnect a copied VM from another network. The DC from the previous environment wasn't available in the new location and my VM was also a Win2008R2 Core installation. Under the same conditions, the GUI domain/workgroup tools in Computer Properties would have disconnected it from the domain.

I was using the domain GUI tool from CoreConfig and got this error, and also got it from netdom. Adding in the /force option in netdom was the fix. The GUI tools from a full installation of Windows apparently take care of this automatically.

netdom remove /d:mydomain mywksta /ud:mydomain\admin /pd:password /force

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