We have had our Nagios installation up for a year, and we are now required to give some statistics on how much it has worked and what it has done in the environment. As such, I was wondering if anyone knows if Nagios also holds data records on how many alerts and notifications it sends out? I am not necessarily looking for reports on what it alerted on, but just some raw statistics for a powerpoint.
TL:DR Can I extract how many notifications and alerts Nagios has produced in it's existence or between certain dates?

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open up your nagios console

  • Select Reports > Alerts > Summary
  • Under Custom Report Options, Set Report Type to "Alert Totals" (or one of the options like this for finer grained reporting
  • Set the Report Period to "* CUSTOM REPORT PERIOD *"
  • Set the start date and end dates appropriately
  • Apply any other filters that you would like (hostgroups, hosts etc)
  • It is not necessary to adjust Max List Items as this report is quite short.
  • Click on Create Summary Report


This is valid for Nagios 3.2.0

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    Wow... 5 years using Nagios, and I never thought to use that. Worked like a charm!!!! I also received similar results by running this command that someone responded me to in the nagios-users mailing list grep NOTIFICATION /usr/local/nagios/var/archives/*2010*.log | wc -l
    – breadly
    Mar 14, 2010 at 17:33
  • The only reason I know is that I had to use the reporting tool to calculate uptimes for SLA compliance so I became reasonably familiar with the reporting section. +1 for you though for getting the command line grep!
    – Dan
    Mar 15, 2010 at 9:14
  • Well, I haven't actually got it to work 100% yet (it times out) but when I did the grep, it did pull up 100k notifications for the time period... Also I am using like 3.02B I think. But It will work eventually.
    – breadly
    Mar 15, 2010 at 13:49

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