When I execute the following whois command on my Ubuntu server, I get all sorts of other domains which contain google.com in the name, but clearly aren't owned by google. As this appears to be some sort of spam, I won't paste the output here. I'd like to check for exactly the name I typed in. I thought the following would work, but it doesn't. What is the proper way to do an exact match?

whois -Hx google.com

Update: I found a work around by using a Ruby whois script: http://www.ruby-whois.org/


The "spam" you're seeing is the COM registry whois server finding partial matches on host (nameserver) entries as well as domain names.

whois 'domain google.com' will avoid all the host record matches by limiting the results to domain objects only.

This isn't a client setting, but a whois server function.

whois -h whois.internic.net help for more details

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