I'm looking for recommendations for an easy to use reporting/business intelligence tool that can interface with an sql server or access database. It can be web-based or a desktop tool.

Ideally it would be freeware or low cost, and easy to use for users who are not that technically savvy (below the level of someone who can generate reports and complicated queries in Access).

Any tools I've seen so far (such as Crystal Reports) are either too expensive or too complicated to use for non-power users.

  • What type of reports are you interested in generating? Things like sales reports, or things like server performance reports?
    – Joe
    Commented Mar 16, 2010 at 16:48
  • Just things like sales reports. Nothing IT-related e.g. monthly sales, average sales etc Commented Mar 17, 2010 at 20:12

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You could try Pentaho: http://www.pentaho.com/

  • Pentaho would be out of my price range Commented Mar 17, 2010 at 20:13
  • You can use the community edition
    – Herson
    Commented Aug 4, 2010 at 1:39

I've used OpenReports in a low-budget setting: http://oreports.com/

I don't think any of the low-cost solutions are likely to be user-friendly for non-technical users. Smart non-technical people can learn OpenReports, but they can learn to build Access queries too.

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