I'm using Exim 3 and would like to know how to send some local addresses to the smtp server instead of Exim handling them as a localuser. They are local addresses in the sense that they have the same domain as listed in 'local_domains' in exim.conf.

I tried using the "require_files" option on the localuser director in exim.conf, but with no luck.

Any help appreciated. Thanks, Ryan


Exim3 has a strong separation between locally handled mail (Directors) and remote-handled mails (Routers) and it's rather hard to do what you want.

Exim3 is unsupported by upstream and very ancient and hard to configure to defend adequately against modern spam levels.

I strongly recommend switching to Exim4, where:

  1. Implementing your desired result is trivial
  2. The codebase is maintained
  3. There are upgrade tools to help you migrate your config.
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