I need to do a migration of virtual host to another virtual host transfer , Both of them are hosted on Rackspace , OS (Red hat 4 ). client is using this server for hosting more than 10 live sites , lots of files in /var/www. I transferred all files and db from old to new , My questions: what else should I need to worry about ? how to transfer all cron job too? do I need to make entry of each site on httpd.conf or rackspace will do it , during IP swapping ?


Prime Example of why everyone needs thorough server documentation. :)

If Rackspace is handling the migration i'd ask them what they cover vs what your responicible for.

Otherwise you'll need to break down what the server does

(and i STRONGLY suggest keeping this for future reference)

  • Applications (apache, proftp, webmin,mysql, samba, nfs, so on and so forth)
  • Configuration (cronjobs, Ip settings,custom scripts,firewall settings)
  • Network Communication (what servers talk to this server? how does that work?)
  • Install Software Keys (if any software is installed that uses keys)

I hope you have access to your server after the new server goes "live" because as this is an undocumented server, you WILL miss something.

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  • From my experience, most host providers are responsible for operating system only, so if you install Apache after the fact, then you'll most likely be migrating it now. – grufftech Mar 18 '10 at 20:21

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