How can I implement filesharing via apple´s afp protocol on an arch-linux box? My system should serve files to multiple clients with different operating systems. (Windows {XP,7},OS X) For the Windows part I installed Samba.


Here are directions for setting up a Linux AFP Server

But why not use Samba for both? Linux, Windows, and Mac all support CIFS (aka SMB, what Samba serves).

  • In my own testing, netatalk vastly outperformed CIFS/SMB for OS X clients, 3 to 5 times faster depending on the type of data. In particular, it was more performant for Time Machine backups.
    – jtimberman
    Sep 8 '10 at 7:33

Also, look into using NFS. You may get greater performance and reliability with that.

I certainly don't like running it CIFS, unless i'm forced too.

I see you running a windows machine there, you'll have to use samba for this. Support for other network file systems is flaky at best.


The only program that I know of is netatalk. But as others have mentioned, your OS X clients can mount smb shares as well.

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