Really simple question. I do not want a Google account. I just want Google to stop making requests every 2 minutes for a URL it should never have known about (apparently Google harvests URLs from search requests as well as private e-mails, not just from actual web pages).

But when I search Google help for removing URLs it appears I have to use their "webmaster tools" which require logging into a GMail account!

How do I tell Google not to index my URL without becoming a customer?

Note: I already return 404 for the URLs in question using a rewrite rule - this appears to make zero difference to the crawler which continually attempts to fetch the page every 2 minutes.


You don't need a GMail account, just a Google website account - you can use your existing email to log in to a Google account same as any other website's login.

Go here to set up a Google Account that authenticates with your current email.

  • I didn't realise you could use a different e-mail, maybe even mailinator.com would be sufficient.. – PP. Mar 23 '10 at 9:51

Setup a robots.txt file to block things from search engines.

  • 2
    +1 ... surprising how many anti-search-engine people don't know about robots.txt yet. – davr Mar 22 '10 at 18:57

don't allow robots to index it. Try:


in the head of the page.

  • I don't think he wants google to hit the page in the first place. Setting a meta tag on the page means Google will hit it at least once. A robots.txt seems like a better option. – Zoredache Mar 22 '10 at 16:52

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