We have a trac server on our network, and when I run the following:

svn co http://trac.theserver.com/browser/trunk/thefolder .

Then I put in my LDAP password, and I get this

svn: The OPTIONS response did not include the requested activity-collection-set; this often means that the URL is not WebDAV-enabled

What do I need to do to resolve this? The previous IT guy had all sorts of weird ways of setting up stuff on the network.


Trac does not serve subversion repositories in proper way to be consumed by subversion client (ex. webdav).

Trac is a webapplication for project managment, and the browser part is there for to interactively browse the repositry with a webbrowser.

For a checkout you must know the url to subversion, where it is served via webdav (maybe: http://svn.theserver.com/trunk/thefolder ?)

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