Being developer; I love Fiddler...

Is there similar tool/utility (preferably free) for server side tracing the web requests and the responses? I would love some utility which is fiddler like, i-e on start up you select particular IIS web site and it start tracing the requests / response (full content) for debugging purposes.

  • The apps I want to debug are ASP.NET; some ASP.NET Filter that logs all the requests / responses (raw) and some utility that shows it real time (Fiddler like) would be great! It would be for occassional purposes; like some ASMX / WCF is hosted and someone is trying to use it from Silverlight / PHP client and getting error...with such tool in place we can debug the issues like request is not well formatted; some required header is not being provided etc Mar 24, 2010 at 13:23

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You could look for ETW Tracing.. I really love it What is the best IIS tracing tool you have used?


I've used this little (commercial, I think there is a X days trial period) tool in the past: IIS Tracer. It's a real time IIS monitor. That means you can watch in real-time or log state of each HTTP request, incoming/outgoing bytes, HTTP headers etc.

The tool itself will not win a design price, but it's pretty effective. Also, don't be scared when you see go the website of that product, the pages there are almost plain text.


To track requests the web server is making: You can just adjust defaultProxy settings inside web.config and proxy all your requests to Fiddler, either locally on the server or to a remote instance of Fiddler. Refer to defaultProxy documentation.

To track requests to the web server and their responses: Fiddler reverse proxy is the way to go for debugging.

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