I'm very new to AD LDS and experienced but not qualified with SSAS, so my apologies for my ignorances with these.

We have a couple implementations where we expose SSAS via an HTTPS proxy (msmdpump.dll) and currently we have a temporary domain setup handling this (where our end-users have a second account+creds to manage because of this = non-ideal). I want to move us towards a more permanent solution which I'm thinking of moving all authentication to AD LDS for our web apps, SSAS, and others. However, SSAS is where I'm concerned about this.

I know SSAS requires Windows Authentication and to play nicely, and that this ultimately means Active Directory will be involved.

Is there a way to get this done with AD LDS instead of having to use a full AD DS implementation? If so, how?

(Note: My question over at StackOverflow had a suggestion that I post this question here on ServerFault instead. My apologies if I'm not asking in the right forum.)


We ended up just going with full-blown AD-DS.

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