I want to setup my custom subdomain with my posterous blog: tahirakram.posterous.com.

I am confused over setting up A record and CNAME.

Do I need to set A record and CNAME both to run my posterous to this URL: blog.tahirakram.com?

So far I set up CNAME Name: blog.tahirakram.com Value: posterous.com

Should I set A recrod name value too? (if yes, as following) Host Name: blog.tahirakram.com Destination IPv4 Address:

Instruction given by posterous


Did you follow this guide http://posterous.com/help/custom_domain ? A record was all I added. Good luck! :)

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  • Thanks Khanh Le, I need to add A record for blog.mydomain.com? – Tahir Akram Mar 29 '10 at 10:35

No, the CNAME record is enough. Depending on the tool you use to edit the DNS-records you might have to set the value to posterous.com. (with a trailing .) to make it an absolute name.

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  • tliff; No luck. When I place a . at the end of posterous.com in value field of CNAME. It does not saved. I mean . at the end is not getting appended. – Tahir Akram Mar 26 '10 at 13:00

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