I've never used Amazon EC2 - I am thinking to test a few instances for running intensive computation processes I have a requirement for rather than buying real hardware.

I am given to understand the thing is quite easy to setup - but I have no clue of how it actually works, in terms of transferring data to my ec2 instances.

So the question is how can I upload stuff to my instance?

Any help appreciated!


I resolved by sharing my drives when establishing remote connection. Smooth!


You can upload your assets on to an S3 bucket and then have your instances download appropriate items from there.


I found that dropbox is the quickest and easiest way to do this, as long as you don't have any concerns about your data being on the dropbox servers.


Personally, I start a WinSSHD(22) instance on the server and then open the Windows Firewall and the Amazon Firewall to both allow the port through. I trust it more than Windows SMB. Also, Dropbox works but has the 2GB limit (or whatever).

With the Tunnelier client for WinSSHD I get telnet, RDP, and FTP all tunneled through the single port 22 with SSH.

If you have a Linux instance with SSHD 5.x or higher, you can do the same thing using WinSCP as the client (or Tunnelier).

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