simple issue.. I'm a noob

I am running a cisco 5500 ASA which is used to manage a VPN, I need the command used to check the current user list. I think it might be an 'access-list', if so I have no idea what the name of the access list is, is there a way to show the access lists?



I think you mean you want to show the local users setup on the ASA correct?

to do this you would go in enable mode with the en command. then issue the sh aaa local user command.

In response to your comment: do you mean sh run username ?

  • Halfway there :) ... that does show the user names but it doesnt show the other information I require. I have run this command before and it shows me the hashed password, a numeral to show their access level and there actual name.. – sorrrydoctorforlove Mar 29 '10 at 23:25

the command was sh running-config user

now I just got to figure out how to add a new entry to this list ;_;

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    To add a new entry enter config mode with conf t. Then, enter the command username (desired username) password (desired password) privilege (desired priv). Privilige is 1 through 15, with 15 being 'root' access. – John Ledbetter Apr 1 '10 at 18:22

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