I have a wildcard DNS entry (A)


I also have a CNAME.. that I want hit BEFORE the wildcard A entry.

something.my.tld -> something.s3.amazonaws.com

It's not imperative... but I'd like to be able to do this. I'm using a third party for DNS as well, so I can't hack around at BIND.


To expand upon this for the benfit of others in search for an answer on whether a DNS wildcard entry takes precedence over a "normal" subdomain entry, it looks like it varies depending on implementation:

There is a cPanel forum post if you Google "wildcard DNS precedence" which shows that a wildcard entry will take precedence, which isn't compliant to RFC 4592: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4592

Other sites suggest proper behavior for their services

I haven't tested this in practice, but my understanding is that a wildcard is supposed to match requests for non-existent names only, so in your example, the mail subdomain should be unaffected by the wildcard entry.

There's this RFC which explains it in full: rfc4592

The cPanel Technical Sales adviser may simply be incorrect, or cPanel implements wildcard DNS in a faulty manner.


Nevermind. totally legit.

Just appears that I needed to let it propigate.

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