Can you think of any linux command-line method for saving the certificate presented by a HTTPS server? Something along the lines of having curl/wget/openssl make a SSL connection and save the cert rather than the HTTP response content.

The gui equivalent to what I'm looking for would be to browse to the HTTPS site, double-click on the browser "secure site" icon, and export the cert. Except the goal here is to do it non-interactively.

Thanks, Jim


Something like:

openssl s_client -servername remote.server.net -connect remote.server.net:443 </dev/null | sed -ne '/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p' >/path/to/certificate.pem

That's what I use with fetchmail to retrieve the certificate of an SSL capable IMAP or POP3 server (except obviously I don't use port 443)

(Note that "redundant" -servername parameter is necessary to make openssl do a request with SNI support.)

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    Any way to get the full chain? – Collin Anderson Nov 10 '17 at 17:35

From http://www.madboa.com/geek/openssl/#cert-retrieve

# usage: retrieve-cert.sh remote.host.name [port]

echo |\
openssl s_client -connect ${REMHOST}:${REMPORT} 2>&1 |\

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