With Apache, if MaxClients is set to 150, does that mean Apache will try to serve up to 150 concurrent requests, and queue subsequent requests until all one of the 150 clients is available to serve? This assumes KeepAlive is off.

Also, if ServerCount is 2, does this mean that Apache will create 2 instances that can each process 150 concurrent requests, or that 150 concurrent requests could be served across the 2 instances?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, that's correct. MaxClients determines how many simultaneous requests will be serviced - futher requests will be queued.

ServerCount isn't a valid apache config option, I don't think - you may mean StartServers, which determines how many servers apache will start out running to serve the above number of client requests.

This page describes these directives in detail.

  • Also note that depending on whether you are using apache2-mpm-worker or apache2-mpm-prefork, these directives behave slightly differently.
    – Brent
    May 27, 2009 at 16:14

Yes, that's what MaxClients means. Note that connections over your ListenBacklog will be dropped.

There is no ServerCount directive. You probably don't mean ServerLimit; possibly then you're talking about StartServers, which is only about how many server instances get spawned initially.

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