Telligent Community combines blogs, wikis, forums, and file-sharing capabilities into a single product with single sign-on, using all Microsoft technologies. Is there an equivalent offering that runs on Unix/Linux? Or would I have to pick and choose individual product offerings and figure out another option for single sign-on across them? Are there plug-ins for something like WordPress or MovableType that might add the necessary functionality?

A friend of mine is looking to add a "members-only" area to her company's website, and since they're hosted on Dreamhost (and can't afford StackExchange pricing yet), I'm trying to find other options for them.

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There are plenty of commercial platforms which compete in this space, but I think you'll find they're all pretty spendy.

My recommendation would be to check out Drupal (http://drupal.org)

Based on the information in your question, I think that platform would likely meet your needs. It also has a pretty vibrant development community, so there are plenty of plug-ins available to extend its capabilities.

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