I need to implement a distributed storage system for a set of nodes(devices) connected in a mesh network.

So what basically my design goals are:

  1. The storage system should be capable of handling dynamic entry and exit of nodes.
  2. Replication (for fault tolerance).

For this i am thinking of using a Distributed file system. Every node could access data in the other nodes in a transparent manner.

Are there some simple, easily pluggable opensource implementations?

Thanks for your thoughts!


OpenAFS is a well supported, cross platform distributed file system solution used widely, which can do all of what you said.


Ceph, when it reaches production quality, might be a good choice.


OpenAFS is quite good. It also allows for a service pool so that a disconnected node still has a copy of their data. i.e. you work on your laptop which is an AFS node, but, files that are in your distributed storage modified recently still have a local copy. When you reconnect, those modified files are then resynced.

GlusterFS/Lustre is another decent one. I had some performance problems with GlusterFS on write-heavy content, but, it worked very well.

http://www.cleversafe.org/dispersed-storage/ is another possible solution.

http://danga.com/mogilefs/ if you don't require a posix compliant filesystem


If you need open source and fault-tolerant distributed file system then you can use MooseFS. You can install it easily for example on Ubuntu.

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