I'm having trouble setting up a static IP reservation on a network. What I want to do is assign IP to MAC address 00:21:5d:2f:58:04 and then port forward 35394 to it.

If it helps, output from show ver says Cisco IOS software, C870 software (C870-ADVSECURITYK9-M), version 12.4(4)T7, release software (fc1) ROM: System bootstrap, version 12.3(8r)YI4, release software

I have done this -

service dhcp
ip routing
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp pool ClientDHCP
lease 7

ip dhcp pool NEO
hardware-address 0021.5D2F.5804

ip nat inside source static tcp 35394 <PUBLIC_IP> 35394 extendable

However, the machine is getting assigned IP address not .105 ... any suggestions?

Thanks !


have you tried:

hardware-address 0021.5D2F.5804 ieee802

note the "ieee802" ... take a look here

  • Thanks, I modified the command to add ieee802, then wrote the config back and did an ipconfig/release / ipconfig/renew on the computer in question. Unfortunately it's still getting .101 - but maybe that's because it's picking up the existing lease? Can I flush the existing DHCP allocations somehow? – David M Williams Apr 16 '10 at 10:08
  • Yay, clear ip dhcp binding followed by ipconfig /release / ipconfig /renew has worked. Thanks! – David M Williams Apr 16 '10 at 10:46

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