Title already asked the question. More specifically, I read in some documents that logical volumes are nice in general but not for /boot in a linux system. They say that bootloaders don't understand LVM volumes, so create a separate partition for /boot out of lvm.

I recently installed Ubuntu server (9.10) for my home server, but by default /boot is created in the LVM. Everything is fine now, but I am not sure it is safe to use /boot in LVM.

Second question is do I really need a physical partition (volume)(pv) for /boot or is it equally fine if I put it into a logical volume (lv) on top of a single shared volume group.

Thanks in advance.

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GRUB2 can handle /boot on LVM. I use it on some of my machines. But it's probably safer to have /boot on a partition outside LVM.


Completely wrong and misguiding question. /boot is on a different partition then lvm. Sorry for misguidence. /swap is in the logical volume but not /boot.

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