I have WebLogic 11g installed on my machine under /srv/wls, and I start Node manager on it with /srv/wls/wlserver_10.3/server/bin/startNodeManager.sh.

I create my domain with config.sh, and then I want to start the Admin Server of that domain with Node Manager. So I open a WLST session and do the following:

> nmConnect(...)
> nmStart('AdminServer')

But when I then visit localhost:7001/console, and login, the screen on the browser remains blank and the server logs tell me the server has run out of PermGen space.

I don't encounter this problem when starting the Admin Server through the shell script under $DOMAIN/startWebLogic.sh. Then it works fine.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? I couldn't find anything in Google nor on the Oracle forums...


The problem is that nmStart doesn't pass any arguments to the child JVM process and the defaults don't have enough memory. Try adding the following:

# Start the Admin Server
arg = "Arguments=\" -server -Xms192m -Xmx768m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xrs\""
prps = makePropertiesObject (arg)
nmStart('AdminServer', props=prps)

This is an annoyingly common problem that Oracle/BEA seems to not want to fix or to document properly.

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