I have setup a Ubuntu server with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. The server is connected to a private LAN with DHCP and Internet access (via a gateway).

At first, the server was working fine. It can ping the internet. It can also ping other machine inside LAN.

The problem happened after i let the machine idle for more than 1 hour. When I want to use the machine again, I can't ping the internet anymore. I can only ping the machine inside LAN.

I try to ping the server from another machine and it's working. Then, i ssh into that server from another machine, and I found that I can ping the internet from that server.

It seems that there are some problems in the routing table of this server. Can anyone help me on this?

Thank you.


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    for starters, you should print your routing table (run route from shell) before and after the problem starts. – gravyface Apr 20 '10 at 2:05

It's highly likely that the DHCP client is setting the default gateway, you can force it to use another one, but I don't see any way to ignore the one from DHCP.

To force one you can do, in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf:

supersede routers;

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