I have a Virtual Server with 1GB of RAM. When i start glassfish with asadmin start-domain it instantly allocates all available memory, although i defined -Xmx128m in my domain.xml. Am I missing an option here? How can I prevent glassfish from using all free memory?


Glassfish minimum required RAM is 1GB. You can check this documentation right here: GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Hardware and Software Requirements. So define -Xmx to be less then 512M will not going to work.

EDIT: I just realize that you have ask this question 7 months ago. I hope my answer help you out

  • i'm still watchin this - thanks for your answer anyway – whlk Dec 9 '10 at 23:26

I have some experiences. First of all check memory usage before running Glassfish. I started with Centos 5, after switching off some services it consumes about 256M RAM. When I start domain another 240M is consumed. When I log into admin console of Glassfish another 150m. I check the RAM with "free" command. Additionaly noticed that sequence start-domain, stop-domain causes some memore leak, since the ram used is grather than before runninig Glassfish. I have changing Xmx for admin server to 192M and it runs however consuming more that that limit.

Centos 5.9 86_64 Glassfish JVM Oracle 1.7u21

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