How do I go about performing a full, bare metal disaster recovery from BRU Server backups?

I have backed up the entire C:\ (including Windows, Program Files etc) of a test machine (using Open File Manager) and want to restore this to a new server.

What is the procedure I need to go through to restore to a clean server using my backup? How does this work with various services such as DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, SQL Server, Windows Registry etc?

Thanks in advance.


To my knowledge, BRU doesn't support bare metal recovery for Windows, as it lacking the possibility to create recovery media and can't save/restore boot sectors/ partition tables and create NTFS file systems.

The only option for BMR I see is to save the disk layout and boot sector with some disk management program, connect a disk to another computer running BRU client, create the disk layout on the new disk, create file systems and then restore to this disk.

In short: At least for Windows, BRU is a file-only backup solution.

(I might be wrong with this, as I didn't spend a lot of time seeing if I can get BMR for Windows working somehow when I tested it, couldn't find options in the software or hints in the docs).

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