On Windows, there's the shutdown cmd line, but is there a windows command line command to call a "standby"?

What I'd really like is to call something like standby -force to force a system to enter standby even when a pesky app is trying to prevent it.


rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

The action will differ depending on whether or not you have Hibernation enabled.

Documentation on SetSuspendState:


PSshutdown, part of the free PSTools suite from the Sysinternals team at Microsoft, can do this. Shutdown.exe on my XP machine will not - you have not told us what version of Windows you're asking about, and I don't know if shutdown.exe has that option on Vista or different Server versions.


In Windows Vista and 7 you can use the /h switch of the shutdown command to hibernate the computer and /f to force the command: shutdown /h /f.

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