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Can you help me with my software licensing question?

I'm wondering about running a massive physical server with Server 2k8r2 enterprise from Technet or MSDN, running a couple of Hyper-V VM's for development (using the same license) but then also run a couple of VM's for production, and buying actual licenses for those production VM's.

is this setup allowed?


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  • What did Microsoft say when you asked them? – John Gardeniers Apr 23 '10 at 3:02

I'm no licensing expert, but I'm going to say absolutely not. The MSDN use rights are pretty clear that you can only use the license for test/dev/demo, and that you (and other MSDN license holders) are the only person who can access said software.

Once you put a production VM onto your Hyper-V server, it becomes a production server, and needs its own license.

Even if you don't believe it becomes a production server, each person you would want to access the VM would need an MSDN license, and at that point getting a regular license is probably cheaper.


No. Especially the part of running the physical machine with an Evaluation license.

Nice idea, though ...


ok, i thought so. thanks for the responses..

However, this does look like an option-


Hyper-V Server is free, so i can combine dev VM's and production VM's in a physical server. i was just hoping to avoid the Core interface..