I have found a way to load exchange 2010 powershell into powershell running on a windows xp workstation, however there are a few commands that need to run. I was wondering how I could load them into a profile somehow. These are the commands that I need to run before I can do any of the exchange things such as Get-Mailbox.

COMMAND 1 $session = New-PSSession -Configurationname Microsoft.Exchange –ConnectionUri http://servername/powershell -Credential $user

(it prompts you for a username and p/word then the next command)

COMMAND 2 Import-PSSession $session

Then I am able to run exchange 2010 commands such as Get-Mailbox. Anyway I can load these so that when I click on the powershell shortcut they preload the importing of exchange commands.



You can add them to your powershell profile

  • How do I do that? – JohnyV Apr 26 '10 at 23:11

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