I installed MongoDB to run as a Windows Service on Win 7 and everything runs well. However, when I attempt to use the command --directoryperdb, it does not recognize this command.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

  • Is this still a problem? I've been using mongo on Windows with or without this switch, and its not been a problem. Also, as of 1.6.0, logging works when mongo is run as a windows service. Therefore, you will have an error message to work with. Sep 1 '10 at 18:01

A couple of issues which come to mind that may or may not help you:

  • Are you using 1.3.2 or later?

    Specify use of an alternative directory structure, in which files for each database are kept in a unique directory. (since 1.3.2)


  • Does it work without this argument as a service, and/or with the argument whilst not running as a service? Have you checked permissions for the user the service is running under?

  • Are you/have you tried running the same thing but by specifying the arguments using a config file instead?

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