I have a site running on a VPS, now I want to be able to receive mails at info@mydomain.com. How do I need to set up the server? And how should I set up the mail client on my PC to receive those mails? The server is running CentOS/RHEL.

I'll really appreciate if someone shed some light on the steps that need to be taken. Thanks in advance!

  • To be more useful to future readers, you may want to update the subject of your question to something more specific. I suggest something along the lines of "How to set up a basic mail server for the first time". – Zayne S Halsall May 2 '10 at 20:48

The steps:

  1. Get the DNS for mydomain.com updated to point the MX record/s to your server;
  2. Install the MTA of your choice (I recommend postfix, of course);
  3. Configure the MTA to receive mail from mydomain.com and deliver to local mailbox/es;
  4. Install the MDA of your choice (I recommend dovecot, of course);
  5. Configure the MDA for POP/IMAP access;
  6. Set up your MUA to retrieve/synchronize the mail.

Simple, right? ;)

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    You'd think ;-) but mail servers (MDAs and to a slightly lesser extent MTAs) are a frequent subject of complaints. For whatever reason they seem to be difficult to manage for some people. So don't count on it being as simple as it sounds. – David Z May 2 '10 at 22:08
  • I was just being sarcastic there :) Looks like a lot of work, this. – user41010 May 2 '10 at 22:38

While its meant for debian based systems (swap apt for yum) http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/ is a really good, step by step guide to setting up a complete mail server

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Setting up Google Mail for your domain is trivially easy .. if it takes longer than 15 minutes (including the client) you are not paying attention to the instructions.

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    Too bad it's not fee anymore. It was an awesome way to quickly and easily get email setup on a domain. – Jason Taylor Dec 20 '12 at 19:57

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