This is one Ubuntu 9.10 server.

Also how to see memory usage per process?



Try this:

ps axo pid,ppid,rss,vsz,nlwp,cmd

Output columns:

  • pid - Process ID
  • ppid - Parent Process ID
  • rss - Resident Set Size - physical memory
  • vsz - Virtual Set Size - virtual memory
  • nlwp - Number of Light Weight Processes - thread count
  • cmd - Command

Use the following to show the memory use of a single process:

pmap -d <PID>

Try this little hamster in Perl for a simple system overview (on Linux):


Groups processes by name, e.g. all the processes named "httpd" go into one line; or a special process is given its own line.

For each group give:

  • total CPU usage used (percent of single CPU, so the total can be over 100%)
  • total mem usage used (percent)
  • total 'rss', 'size', 'sz', 'vsz' used (from 'ps')
  • total number of processes grouped
  • total number of threads managed by the grouped processes
  • total number of file descriptors used by the processes grouped ("FILES")
  • total number of internet sockets used (that value is already included in "FILES")
  • total number of unix domain sockets used (that value is already included in "FILES")

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