Warning: I'm a total *nix n00b. I need to get "catch-all" mail setup on OpenBSD. I'm just using the pre-installed mail service. Especially I want mail sent to `abc-123-def-geh@localhost' to redirect to 'user@localhost'. Is there a way using the pre-installed stuff or do I need some other software? If so: any suggestions on light-weight, easily configured software?


If the pre-installed service is Postfix or Sendmail, you should be able to edit the /etc/mail/aliases file to your liking. It is in the format of:

[alias name]:[existing account]

So, to create the alias you need, you would edit the file to include:

abc-123-def-geh: user

And then, as root, run the newaliases command.

You can also define groups in this way, and more. See man 5 aliases. Most mail is by default sent to root, so you will probably want to define an alias for root as well.

  • Hum, but I want "catch all" which means I don't know the target email beforehand. I think I'm on to something though... – Jonas Byström May 4 '10 at 15:14

I installed postfix (wasn't that hard but took a couple of hours), added a "catch-all" alias in /etc/postfix/virtual. Done - ta-daa! ;)

And, I had to kill sendmail before starting postfix to be able to run postfix for smtp as well (required for local catch-all unit tests).

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