I have the following Error repeated in my Windows 2003 server event viewer, which I am thinking is related to my blackberry server because it is the user 'besadmin'. Anyone know what might be causing this error? Also, if I can't figure it out, how would I increase the quota as a workaround?

EDIT: Also, I haven't actually noticed any problems from a users standpoint. Can anyone explain what this error might actually mean?

Event Type: Error Event Source: MSExchangeIS Event Category: General Event ID: 9667 Date: 5/28/2009 Time: 10:44:31 AM User: N/A Computer: MAILSERVER Description: Failed to create a new named property for database "MYDOMAIN\MAILSTORENAME" because the number of named properties reached the quota limit (8192). User attempting to create the named property: "besadmin" Named property GUID: 0002............... Named property name/id: "X-Vitals"


You're out of named properties for your mailbox store (see Jason Nelson's very funny article on named properties at the EHLO blog). This problem was just fixed in Exchange 2007 SP1 rollup 8, but that doesn't help you because you're on Exchange 2003. You can adjust the limit used for the named property list by following the directions in MS KB article 820379 (it seems to have been pulled but you can find a copy here).

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Have you checked the Logs on the blackberry server to see if there is anything reported at the blackberry end?

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  • There are quite a few logs even for one day, any recommendations for what to look for? – Kyle Brandt May 28 '09 at 15:18

The problem you have here is not BES related, but Exchange.

Error 9667 indicates you have run out of Named Properties for Exchange to user. This Technet Article does a better job than I could of explaining what they are.

This article provides details of how to recover from this problem. You can increase the number of Named Properties availble using the instructions described here. However if you have allready preciously done this, and you are at the maximum number of named properties, 32,766 then the only way to recover from this is to create a new mailbox database and move your mailboxes to that DB.

Whilst these articles talk about Exchange 2007, the registry key for increasing the number of named properties is the same for Exchange 2003, I have used these myself on an Exchange 2003 server.

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  • the solution you link to is Exchange 2007 only; the OP is running Exchange 2003. – paulr May 28 '09 at 15:13
  • It seems there are not any articles on this problem for Exchange 2003, however the process for altering the registry key to increase the amount of named properties is the same for Exchange 2003 – Sam Cogan May 28 '09 at 15:19

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