I'm trying to resize an ext4 filesystem on a Fedora 11 box. Using fsdisk and lvm, I was able to grow the partition and logical volume containing the filesystem.

When I try to run resize2fs on the device containing the filesystem (/dev/sda2 in this case), I get:

"Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/sda2, Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock"

I've tried this from a rescue disk that doesn't have the filesystem mounted, no joy.

Maybe resize2fs doesn't know about ext4?


If you're using LVM then you want to resize the filesystem in the LV, not in the partition. Try one of the entries in /dev/mapper instead.

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If you boot from a live cd be sure the lvm package is present (apt-get install lvm2). If so, use vgchange -a y to activate all the volumes. You can now access them under /dev/lvm/ or /dev/mapper/

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