I'm running a rails stack on ubuntu.

When I ps -AF, I get a descriptive process name set by the apache module like

00:00:43 Rails: /var/www...

which is really helpful in diagnosing load issues.

But when I top, the same process show up simply as


Is there any way to get the ps -AF process name in top?


While top is running, you can press c to toggle between showing the process name and the command line. To remember the toggle state for next time, press W to save the current configuration to ~/.toprc.

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This is more of a general suggestion, than an answer:

Try out htop. It shows the full process name by default and I think it's much easier to use.

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    great! much better than the raw 'top'. thanks a lot! – Siwei Shen 申思维 May 17 '13 at 0:32

top -c -n 1 should give you what you want.

  • -c: automatically toggles between command line and program name
  • -n 1: this makes top to exit out immediately without showing the updates every 3 seconds (by default)
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When running top type c to toggle command line/process.

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You could either press c while top is running or use htop. But, if I may, give glances a look as well. It could serve as an alternative.

Glances Home

I use it quite a bit and is really handy!

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