There was a tool called PB Downforce that did something like this. It has been discontinued as it was buggy and stopped working for its purposes. So, is there any alternative? I have a licensed piece of software that is attached to the HD ID. Thanks.

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If you're using Windows, diskpart will do it for you

select disk 0 (or whatever disk it is)
uniqueid disk ID=[SIGNATURE]

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  • Note that Vista/Server2008 and newer reference the GUID to find the OS when booting; changing it on a boot drive may require changing it in the BCD too. – Chris S Jun 3 '11 at 17:07

Linux fdisk command does that. Use a live linux distro if you don`t have an installation.

While in fdisk, enter extra commands section with X, then you can change the Disk ID using the I command.

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