When I run munin-cron (munin-cron --debug), I get the following error:

2010/05/10 13:39:01 [WARNING] Call to accept timed out.  Remaining workers: archstl.org;archstl.archstl.org

2010/05/10 13:39:01 [DEBUG] Active workers: 1/8

These errors simply keep repeating themselves until I quit munin-cron.

I've followed the directions for debugging munin on the 'Debugging Munin plugins' wiki page, but I get the following results when going through their directions:

After telnetting to localhost 4949, I can see a list of plugins, see a node at archstl.archstl.org, but can't fetch anything. The output is as follows:

>fetch cpu

However, on the same machine (which is both the node and the master munin server), I can run munin-run cpu, and it prints the results correctly to the command line, like so:

user.value 100829130
nice.value 3479880
system.value 13969362
idle.value 664312639
iowait.value 12180168
irq.value 14242
softirq.value 199526
steal.value 0

Looking at the wiki page mentioned above, it looks like it might be a plugin environment problem, but I can't figure out how to fix/change this...

If the plugin does run with munin-run but not through telnet, you probably have a PATH problem. Tip: Set env.PATH for the plugin in the plugin's environment file.

  • Do you get this result for all plugins or just certain ones? – Dave Forgac May 22 '10 at 3:06
  • All plugins... I decided to just use cPanel's pre-built munin package instead of building it on my own :( – geerlingguy Jun 14 '10 at 0:56

It might be a permission pb....

  1. Can you launch munin-run cpu as the same user that runs the munin-node process ?

  2. If your system is SELinux/AppArmor enabled, you have to make sure that the processes launched with TTY are also allowed to launch the plugins.

... or something else : does it work with netcat ? Test with a nc localhost 4949. Netcat's line-ending handling is different than telnet's.

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